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Hi, I’m Gustavo Leon. You may remember me from such amazing projects as gmaps, CodePicnic or Runa.

I’m a full-stack web developer with experience in JavaScript and Ruby. I have 10 years of experience working with projects in different industries, from digital campaigns to HR, e-commerce and SaaS products.

  1. Experience
  2. Presentations (in Spanish)
  3. Side projects


I worked in some amazing companies building incredible products, and even created one of my own!


Software Engineer (March 2019 - Present)


Head of Engineering (Oct 2017 - Feb 2019)

Frontend dev (Jul 2017 - Oct 2017)


CTO (Nov 2014 - Jun 2017)

Fullstack Developer (Nov 2014 - Jun 2017)


Fullstack Developer (Mar 2011 - Nov 2014)

JavaScript Instructor (Jan 2013 - Dec 2013 | Apr 2014 - Aug 2014)

Presentations (in Spanish)

I did some presentations about my experience, some experiments I did and other stuff I wanted to share with the community.

Usando Preact, una alternativa ligera a React

How to use Ruby to run shell commands directly on Docker containers.

Manejando Docker containers con Ruby y backticks

How to use Ruby to run shell commands directly on Docker containers.

CodePicnic: Lecciones aprendidas al crear una startup tecnológica

17 lessons learned in 2 years of work.

Universal Web apps con JavaScript

Using JavaScript in both back and front. Repository

gmaps.js - 4 lecciones open source en 4 pasos

What I learned building an open source project.

Side projects

In my spare time I so other projects that helped the community in one way or another.


Ruby gem used to read local spreadsheet files (XLS, XLSX and CSV) and present them as ActiveRecord/ActiveResource objects, mapping rows as records and columns and attributes.


Ruby gem used to automate web scraping and convert the results in plain objects by using configuration objects (called recipes).

Web service that extracts information from URLs and provide uniformed and structured data using OpenGraph, oEmbed and JSON-LD.


Web application to create powerful presentations using Markdown.

gmaps.js (Stalled)

Open source project. jQuery-like wrapper to use Google Maps JavaScript API in an easier way.


JavaScript e-book in Spanish. E-book about JavaScript for beginners oriented to frontend development.